We’re excited to kickstart our newsletter following our first announcement of the V1 launch of Terminal. We’re already getting positive feedback from the community and we can’t wait to share the updates with you. Starting this week, we will be sharing our newsletter that will have a run-down of all the happenings at Terminal.

Product & Feature Updates 🎇

  • Logs feature: Use HexLogs to search, filter, and analyze all your logs for troubleshooting and open-ended data exploration. Surface logs from any RPC endpoints, wallet providers and development environments like Truffle.
  • HexSDK: HexSDK enables you to surface logs from a variety of external sources in just a few lines of code. With HexSDK you can aggregate logs across any JSON RPC Endpoints, Wallet Providers, as well as your Truffle development environment and view then all in real time in a unified interface.
  • Bulk Import: Initiate bulk artifact uploads with HexCLI by passing a JSON object containing addresses and metadata. Create custom JSON objects or import directly from your Truffle build folder.
Bulk Import

Product + Object Spotlight 🏆

Get trx fees and gas usage within any block bounds. Read the detailed blog post here.


Get involved with Terminal 👋

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