Today we are excited to announce the release of our Framework for building with Web3-Provider-Engine. Our framework provides a basic layout of what you will need when building a dapp using Web3-Provider-Engine. The framework comes fully set up to connect to your Terminal account. Simply download or clone the framework from our github and then just paste in your Terminal apiKey and projectId in `src/App.js`. Once any web3 calls or methods get used through Web3-Provider-Engine, all logs will be surfaced to your Terminal account along with other helpful analytics data. Web3-Provider-Engine offers a highly composable provider engine, enabling developers to customize their web3 provider to suit their needs. Given the diverse set of applications being built for the blockchain, this is an essential tool giving teams the resources they need to quickly bootstrap projects and focus on building their product.

This framework is designed to be easily adaptable, allowing developers to substitute in any web3 functionality where they would like. Whether you’re creating a pay wall, an authentication wall or utilizing blockchain for any other purpose, our development framework will help get you off the ground. Building off of our framework will inherently give you access to the many other powerful tools provided by Terminal along with full application visibility through the TerminalSDK.

Once you clone the source code, it will appear as below upon first run. The functionality shown  and much more can be flexibly designed to fit the needs of your web application. Simply select which wallet you would like to use and the wallet provider will be configured as a SignerSubprovider in the engine along with the source type being defined in the SDK. From there you can use web3 as normal. If you already have a functioning application, you can copy and paste the code from `src/App.js` into a button or modal for selecting a wallet to easily take advantage of Terminal’s development suite in coordination with Web3-Provider-Engine.  Coming soon, we will have frameworks for other commonly used providers like Web3Connect as well as Web3-React.

For more information on getting setup with the Web3-Provider-Engine Framework, TerminalSDK or if you have any other questions please feel free to reach out in our Discord, on our website, on Twitter, or email us at