This week we bring you product enhancements on the API front and more feature updates with Log and Ganache improvements along with Terminal SDK and Websocket support. We’re super excited to be a part of Devcon 2019 and will be hoping to interact with some of you there.

Product & Feature Updates πŸŽ‡

You can now connect to xDAI and POA networks through Terminal. Create network endpoints, surface your smart contracts, create custom queries and indexes for your, and view logs for all your xDAI and POA activity. Read the RPC endpoint docs and signup to generate an xDAI endpoint.

Generate Network Endpoint here

Users are excited about creating customized serverless scripts to query blockchain data using API Studio, so we added better error detection and logging to make the process of building and generating custom APIs easier.

  1. TerminalSDK now supports websockets. Install the latest version of the SDK to start surfacing websocket logs in addition to HTTPS requests on all your RPC endpoints.

Install the new SDK here

2. Log payloads now link to related artifacts, the log timestamps adjust to local timezones, and we’ve improved the UX around utilizing filters.

Product + Object Spotlight πŸ†


Unistats fetches historical fees accrued for any Uniswap exchange. Β Simply pass in the exchange address and the UniStats API will fetch historical fees accrued by all liquidity providers in terms of ETH and the ERC20 token pair. Β Check out the UniStats app here.

Events 🀝

Find us at Devcon. Our team will be at Devcon Osaka πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ between Oct 8-11. If you’re around during those dates make sure to say hi! Look for Matt & Brett from our team there.

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