As we have seen projects onboarding onto Terminal to monitor their dapp activity we created an additional resource to help with the onboarding process. This demo app is effectively a sandbox for you to test different web3 calls accross web3 providers. Check out the Terminal logs and analytics demo app here on github.  

You can it get up and running locally in just a few minutes by following the steps in the readme. Once you're in, you will be able to test web3 calls from various injected providers and static RPC endpoints to see how they show up in the logs and analytics interface. Feel free to add your own custom web3 logic to test out whatever different cases may interest you. For a quick video

Once you get the demo app up and running it will look something like this:

You can click on any of the buttons and the current ethereum block number will get displayed in the browser console. You can pop open the browser console with  'ctrl' + 'shift' + 'j'. Depending on your machine, the command may be different. Once you've made a few calls you can go to your Terminal account and check the logs page.

Now you can get started integrating TerminalSDK into your own dapp. If you're having any trouble with getting this sample dapp working or integrating TerminalSDK into your project, feel free to reach out to us with questions, feedback, or help getting started! You can reach us at, on our website or on Twitter.