Overview of Terminal

Terminal is the best platform for managing and monitoring dapps. From your first test to your full scale production application, Terminal is the only platform that has everything you need to properly monitor your blockchain infrastructure, application, transactions, users and more in one place. At Terminal we are focused on offering application specific data and analytics to ensure your time won’t be spent sifting through traditional block explorers cluttered with data not relevant to your dapp. Through the use of the TerminalSDK, we’re able to provide application-wide visibility into all your Web3 integrations, RPC endpoints, wallet providers, smart contracts, and other resources your application uses - all in one place.

TerminalSDK Basics

The Terminal platform provides its core functionality through the use of our software development kit (TerminalSDK). The TerminalSDK offers developers the ability to drop in the simple wrapper below into their code wherever they initialize a web3 instance.

import { TerminalHttpProvider, SourceType, Web3Versions } from '@terminal-packages/sdk';
import Web3 from 'web3';

const web3 = new Web3(
	new TerminalHttpProvider({
		apiKey: 'yourApiKey',
		// source can be any static or dynamic string as well
		source: SourceType.Terminal,
		customHttpProvider: new YourCustomHttpProvider()
		// if your using web3 1 (NONE BETA) please tell us, if you're 			// not please delete this property
		web3Version: Web3Versions.one,

Once your web3 instances are wrapped Terminal does the rest of work, surfacing every log related to your application. All of your web3 interactions will be visible in the logs feed on the Terminal platform. While using our SDK is most common for web3 instances we also offer support for ethersjs, websockets, IPFS, and Apollo Link. From there, Terminal is able to take those logs and present an assortment of other valuable monitoring tools all specific to your dapp.

For more information on using the TerminalSDK and which integrations we support, check out our tech docs here or our example application with a number of integrations implemented for you. If you don’t see an integration in the docs contact us at hi@terminal.co and we’re happy to help you get set up or add support for any integrations.


Using the Terminal management and monitoring platform starts with the logs page. The Logs page shows every web3 interaction with your dapp from basic read calls to contract function calls, meta transactions, traces and more. Everything your dapp does will be visible in the logs.

User Feed

From the logs we are able to surface every user interacting with your application through their wallet address. This takes us to the user feed where you can find every user by address that has signed on to your dapp. Whether your dapp incorporates full blockchain transactions or just uses wallets for cryptographically secure sign ins, you’ll be able to view every user session along with their transaction volumes, ENS name and more.

Transaction Feed

Accompanied by the user feed, we also provide a transaction feed. The transaction feed surfaces all the transactions stemming from your application. This includes support for function calls, meta transactions, state channels, layer 2 interactions as well as which wallet these transactions are created from. In combination with the user feed, the transactions page offers unparalleled insight into all your dapp’s usage. These features are especially useful if your dapp utilizes a popular smart contract like MakerDAO, Compound or Uniswap, enabling full visibility into the usage your dapp is getting irrespective of other dapps utilizing the same protocol.

Each one of these data feeds is complemented by a detailed analytics page to help visualize your dapps usage. These analytics pages are perfect for drilling in on a specific action, wallet or infrastructure provider that might be causing bugs in your application. Our data visualization tools are also great for highlighting trends that can be used to optimize your dapp for easy use and better growth.

Along with all of these powerful tools, Terminal offers the ability to receive custom alerts to email or slack based on your dapp specific data. Get notified about what’s important and never worry about missing a beat again.

In all, Terminal provides a one stop shop for dapp management, monitoring and debugging. Check out all these features and more by getting started today with Terminal. Please feel free to reach out with any comments, suggestions, or help getting started at hi@terminal.co, on our website or on twitter.