Today we are excited to announce the release of our newest feature: a detailed user analytics page to aid in understanding your application specific user data. It is currently live on the Terminal platform, so if you are already a Terminal user, you can check it out now. Any data surfaced from existing integrations will be reflected in the transaction analytics page alongside any future data generated by your dapp. If you haven’t taken a few minutes to set up Terminal for monitoring your dapp yet, you can go ahead and signup for an account now! Take a sneak peak of what the user analytics page looks like at the bottom of the page.

As blockchain applications push towards the goal of mainstream adoption, understanding user interactions and how to improve the user experience will be essential in gaining traction and retaining users. To be most effective, this crucial data must be application specific unlike the current block explorer and contract based models of viewing blockchain interactions where it is impossible to get an understanding of anything deeper than the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole. At Terminal our priority is offering application specific information in all of our dapp management tools. With our newest feature, the user analytics page, we provide an in depth view into your dapp specific user base.

Developers can gain access to this powerful feature along with many others through the use of our software development kit (the TerminalSDK). Integrating the TerminalSDK into your application is simple and easy, only taking about 15 minutes. Learn more about how to integrate our SDK into your dapp here. Once your dapp is integrated with the TerminalSDK, every interaction with the blockchain through your dapp will be surfaced on our platform in a decoded and easy to read format.

The user analytics page is a detailed aggregate view that complements the data available on your user feed. Here you can view all of your users aggregated into one place along with other relevant details to supplement your understanding of your dapps usage. This includes information on the total and unique number of sessions, number of transactions per user, new and repeat users, ENS (Ethereum naming service) names if available and much more. This enables dapps to streamline their growth process with a data driven approach that was previously unavailable.  

Regardless of your dapps functionality, the user analytics page provides unparalleled insight into your applications usage. If you have any trouble getting setup with the TerminalSDK or have any other questions please feel free to reach out in our Discord, on our website, on Twitter, or email us at